Top 5 Boho Feminine Chic Looks


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Top 5 Boho Feminine Chic Looks

Top 5 Boho Feminine Chic Look: The Boho look is one of the hottest trends in the fashion world right now. Boho has stolen the hearts of everyone, from celebrities to schoolgirls, with the elements of bohemian, hippie and individuality it brings to fashion. These elements, combined with the fun nature of Boho style, have made it a trend that is here to stay for a long time! So why not hop on this train and slay while you’re at it?   

Boho isn’t just an outfit; it is a lifestyle. So, to master and own the fashion style, you need to embrace creativity and freedom! These 5 simple, but gorgeous looks below are feminine and chic Boho looks you should definitely try!

1. Maxi Dresses

The first thing to remember when taking on a Boho look is that Boho represents your free spirit! It makes you look approachable, warm and beautiful. A maxi dress portrays all of these elements. Maxi dresses are light, free dresses that make movements easy, but they aren’t so free that they conceal your femininity. Maxi dresses make you look womanly and chic in a very comfortable way.

To complete this Maxi Dress Boho look, you can style your dress with a wide-brimmed hat and a pair of sandals. Boots also make great footwear for your maxi dress. Accessories with a nice pair of fringe or tassel earrings, a necklace and a nice bohemian bag, and you are good to go!

2. Peasant Blouses and Jeans

Peasant blouses are apparels that scream Boho from a distance. The blouses are light and simple yet remarkably feminine. To get the Boho feminine chic look, buy peasant blouses in natural, earthy colors such as cream, brown, green, white and orange. Pair this blouse with a pair of mom jeans, ripped jeans or jean shorts for the perfect chic look.

To complete this look, you need the right kind of jewelry as jewelry is a very essential part of Boho. A turquoise chocker can be a perfect jewelry for this look. The color will match your jeans beautifully and bring out the earthy vibe!

Turquoise Choker Boho Silver Necklace Blog

3. The Tassel Necklace Look

Occasions such as dates and dinner parties require a more subtle look because wearing a day themed Boho look might not suffice. So, for these occasions, you can choose to wear black. Adorn yourself with a piece of jewelry that will tell the Boho story. A black jumpsuit or dress with a plunging neckline paired with a statement Boho necklace is a great combination for dinners and dates. Together they will give you an elegant, feminine vibe.  

Remember that the Boho look is a free, natural and comfy one hence your outfit must give a hint of lightness and freedom – this could be in the sleeves or the pants. Choose a tassel multicolor necklace to give this look the touch of color and drama it needs!

Chain Tassel Necklace Oval Multicolor Stones Blog 2

4. Suede Wrap Choker Look

The suede wrap choker look is one of the biggest Boho looks of all time! Since the year 2015 women of all ages have been rocking this look. Women wear the choker with dresses, peasant blouses, camisoles and even shirts! The suede wrap choker can make your neck look longer and slimmer. It’s also the touch you need to make your outfit Boho.

To get the perfect look, combine your wrap choker with a pair of palazzo pants, camisole and kimono – all in the earthy colors of Boho. You can also style it with an off-shouldered Maxi Dress or a simple blouse and jeans. The suede wrap choker is one that looks good in almost anything and on anyone, so you don’t have to worry about going wrong with it!

Bohemian Metal Tipped Leather Suede Wrap Choker Blog 1

5. Jackets and Mini Skirts

When most people envision a Boho skirt, they immediately see long maxi, ethnic print or flowered skirts. While maxi skirts truly are the most popular types of Boho skirts, miniskirts can also be styled to look Boho. So, if you like your skirts short and fitting, don’t fret. Boho also has something for you! To perfect the look, get a mini skirt in earthy colors, ethnic prints or paisley and pair it with a nice, beaded jacket.

Keep in mind that this look also requires the right accessories to give it the Boho Vibe. You can go for a pair of playful fringe tassel drop earrings to complete the look or a pair of bohemian style beaded tassel earrings. Wrap it up with a suede wrap chocker or turquoise choker.

You can also choose to trade the beaded jacket with other layers such as kimonos, ponchos, lace jackets, whimsical waistcoats, fringed waistcoats or even denim coats. Whichever you choose, be assured that it can’t go wrong!

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Boho looks are great for people of all ages. Give them a try today for a boho feminine chic look!

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