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Stunning Boho Jewelry Ideas to Try

Boho jewelry has been around for more than a century and these minimalist jewelries are the true definition of less means more. Regardless of the color, tone, and design, they never fail to dazzle and make a fashion statement anywhere it is seen.  

These dangling jewelries are uniquely constructed with ancient symbols engraved on silver coins for the perfect reflection. However, there is another side to these Jewelries. They have this magnetic charm and personality that enhances the look and style you are wearing. Whether it is around your neck, ears, or wrist, you can never go wrong with them in your jewelry kit.

Today fashion is traveling back in time, and once again, we love the unique qualities that Boho jewelry adds to every outfit or occasion. Below are just three of our favorite Boho jewelries of all time.

Tribal Coin Necklace Vintage Inspired

This neckless is bold, expressive, and the craftsmanship is incredible. A vintage feel of old meets new with coins attached across the length and a dangling base. This necklace is the perfect finish to that elegant gown. It will not overwhelm the dress but blend beautifully to enhance the look while maintaining a strong presence.

With a black stone focal point, the tribal coin necklace is multifunctional. Wear it for an outdoor event, concert, for a date night or night out with the girls. The simple design and geometry shape of this Boho jewelry will never cease to amaze you and those around you.

Tribal Coin Necklace Vintage Inspired Blog

Silver Coin Bracelet Boho Gypsy Jewelry

Do you need a bracelet you can rock and study at the same time? You should not overlook this silver coin bracelet Boho Gypsy jewelry. This pulls to lock bracelet will serve as an ankle bracelet too. Consisting of two layers of smaller coins attached together to form the band, it has six drop coins for some Boho feel. Overall, this simple but elegant piece is the perfect complement when you want some freedom and elegance around your wrist.

Silver Coin Bracelet Boho Gypsy Jewelry Blog

Silver Coin Earrings Bohemian Ethnic Jewelry

Dangling earrings are not the easiest to pull off, except you are wearing this unique silver coin earrings bohemian ethnic jewelry. Asides from the fact that they make your face look slimmer and prettier; they invoke a feeling of happiness in you. You start to feel like a child always shaking your head to hear the clinking sound of the three silver-toned coins on each ear. It is just fun, calming, and an excellent distraction on a dull day.

Silver Coin Earrings Bohemian Ethnic Jewelry Blog

If you are looking for three pieces of Boho jewelry to compliment any outfit and nature, these will boost your confidence. They draw you back to nature and make you stand out in a crowd. Boho jewelry is making a sizzling comeback trend, and these are some of the best in town.

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