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5 Trending Choker Necklace ideas

Choker necklaces have been around for a very long time. Perhaps it started in France or England; the facts are not guaranteed. Antique portraits have surfaced over the past few years, and they are proof that chokers existed many decades ago. They trended in the ’90s for sure, but you didn’t click through till now to be schooled on the history of chokers, Nah! We know. Instead, we want to take you through the best chokers around now. We have five of them, not in any precise descriptions, from thin to fat, all looking cute and sexy, depending on what neck is going to wear them. Come on; we are eager to show you.

Later, in the article we give you general info on these beautiful choker necklace design ideas.

  • Wrap Choker
  • Lace Choker
  • Link Chain Choker
  • Crystal Choker
  • Pearl Choker

Meanwhile, let’s run you through some stuff you should know about chokers, and not history this time.

A typical choker is a necklace of any material worn tightly around the neck.

Choker necklaces complement long necks, but long necks aren’t limited to this “choke” frenzy. Even a chubby neck can do chokers, but slim type chokers seem to fit about any choker necklace type.

You already know that chokers have been around the fashion trends before, but one thing stands out about this class of jewelry piece; it comes and goes, but each time it resurfaces with a bang, there’s a justification to jump on the trend again without hesitation.

Bohemian Metal Tipped Leather Suede Wrap Choker

Bohemian is like daunting and out of the norm, hence you have a combo of metal and suede on this one. In fact, this choker is flexible. Yes, the material is workable, but this is precisely what we mean; you can wear a wrap choker necklace whichever way you want.  It’s up to you. This is sure one hell of a chic type of choker necklace.

Bohemian Metal Tipped Leather Suede Wrap Choker Blog

Hollow Out Lace Choker Necklace

Talk of sexy, this is it embodied in one choker necklace. Lace symbolizes sexy, and this one doesn’t derail from that. Although this idea that lace is sexy is totally subjective, fashion trends have lace depicting sexy since forever. The lace material is see-through; this makes it seem as though this necklace is engraved on the body.

Hollow Out Lace Choker Sexy Necklace Blog

Link Chain Choker Necklace Silver Tone Metal

Who doesn’t like to rock a piece of hard metal? Perhaps not everyone.  But this “bad boy” link chain choker necklace is boujee, and then, on top of it all, it’s silver. This piece will cause heads to sway and turn when you adorn your neck with it.

Link Chain Choker Necklace Silver Tone Metal Blog

Crystal Choker Necklace Three Strand Silver Tone

This crystal choker has several triplet crystals run along and around the neck. Silver is a strong fashion statement. Also, it will match almost any costume you choose to combine it with. The several glittering silver crystals light up in all directions. This is silver, but you’re sure to shine bright like a diamond in this one.

Crystal Choker Necklace Three Strand Silver Tone Blog

Multi Strand Pearl Choker Silver Tone

Between crystals and pearls, the latter is bigger. This piece of jewelry has your favorite gem pearls strung together in multiple layers across the neck. It incorporates a minimalist design but is still eye-catching. The style is versatile and would match casual or corporate outfits.

Multi Strand Pearl Choker Silver Tone Blog

Choker necklaces are timeless and cute regardless of the styles and ideas by which one makes them. If these styles please you, make sure to grab your choice soon before it is gone.

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