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Top 5 Cool Necklaces for Men

We’ve compiled a list of different cool necklaces for men for daily or occasional wears and we are going to be presenting them to you. But before that, we need to let you understand men’s fashion.

Necklaces for guys is completely different from that of a woman. You would never see a guy with big, chunky stuff with rows of jewels like you see on woman’s chest. That’s because men don’t wear necklaces to overwhelm rather, they do so to complement.

Most men wear necklaces not really to be noticeable for their jewelry but to make their outfit look chic. You’ll just see them as “stylish,” and then notice the accents over time. But if you’ve not been putting on necklaces and you would like to start what then should you consider before buying?

There are so many factors surrounding the selection of a necklace. These tips can also be used for those planning to surprise their male friend. Just as earlier stated, catchy jewelry isn’t the best for men. You need to get something that makes you look matured and most times what it takes is a pendant and a leather cord. But to make your quest easier, we’ve put together a list of top 5 cool necklaces for men that always deliver.

1.Cross Pendant

This is one of the most popular types of necklaces for men. They are widely used because it produces a sense of maturity. It’s not color selective so it’s perfect for everyday wear.

Cross Pendant Mens Leather Cord Necklace Blog

2.Silver Shaped Pendant

Another cool way for men to style is with a necklace that has a silver pendant. Silver, as we all know, is a popular jewelry color but once it’s constructed into the shape of an object and placed in a leather cord, it looks more classic and can thereby transform a guy’s look.

Mens Feather Pendant Necklace Leather Cord Blog

3.Circle Pendant

No necklace strikes a better gift like those with circular pendant. Rings are a symbol of love and when it’s constructed into the style of a necklace it’s unbeatable. Just like the rest, leather cords are also preferable for this type of jewelry as they can match every outfit as it gives the guy a solid look.

Adjustable Leather Cord Necklace Circle Pendant Blog

4.Wing Pendant

The symbol of wings are held with very high regard in our modern world. Wings can refer to that of a bird or of an Angel. Wings are often used as fashion symbols such as in the case of some necklaces. It’s a cool and modern way to style especially when placed in an adjustable leather strap.

Wing Pendant Necklace Adjustable Leather Blog

5.Multiple Cord and Pendant

These are actually one of the coolest necklaces for men. It comprises of different pendants (preferably between 2-3) placed in multiple cords to give one masterpiece. The pendants can be of different varieties of design’s but as always, the cord is preferably leather because it’s more mature.

Mens Cross Tag Necklace Multiple Cord Chains Blog 1

As you can see, there are so many cool ways a man can style to events or parties that would increase their potential and stance. The main task is usually selecting the right pendant. Then matching it up with a leather cord because that’s the modern way to style. But if you’re still unsure of the best ones to buy, you can select from our list of cool necklaces for men and never let a day pass by again without looking masculine.

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