How To Slay In Multi Layered Necklaces

What is better than wearing a necklace? Wearing more than one. Multi layered necklaces are a trendy fashion piece that can make you look cool and classy. They are pretty and can be worn with almost every outfit and to any occasion. From a simple hangout with friends to a dinner party, a multi layered necklace is a perfect fit. Here are a few tips on how to rock your multi layered necklace like a pro.

Opt for Pre-Made Multi Layered Necklaces:

DIY has gained a lot of popularity and it is alright to try to make unique multi layered necklaces out of other necklaces. This can be a bit tasking and even expensive if you have to buy new necklaces that match. why go through all that stress when you can easily buy premade layered necklaces of different designs and styles?  You even get to save money too.

Different Lengths and Designs:

The best types of multilayered necklaces are those where each chain is of different length design, color or style. This gives each piece enough space to be seen and appreciated. Apart from the beauty that comes with spacing it helps to keep each chain separate and reduce the chances of tangling.

Show off a Little Neck:

Why wear beautiful jewelry if you are just going to hide it. it is better to Wear a low cut or a v neck blouse or dress. Anything that shows your neck and makes your necklace visible. This makes you look very stylish and modern and makes your outfit more fashionable.

Mix one or More:

With multi layered necklaces the opportunities to be creative are endless. You can decide to combine more than one necklace to create your own beautiful and unique design. Adding a choker is also a great idea that gives off a chick and sassy look.

A multi layered necklace can turn your simple and casual outfit into a stylish and fashionable look in seconds. Here are a few pieces to get you started.

Double Layer Cross Necklace Stainless Steel

If you are going for a minimalist simple style. This gold double layered necklace is a great option. It is a perfect addition to your outfit to make it look classy.

Gold Bar Necklace Layered Chain Choker

This gold multi layered necklace is a perfect fit, it comes in three different lengths with a bar and disk pendants. Shop this chain and add elegance to your look.

Boho Multi Strand Necklace Silver Tone

This boho multilayered necklace has four layers and comes with a choker that will give you a look that will definitely be noticed.

Silver Tone Sun Pendant Multilayer Necklace

This beautiful silver, three layered sun pendant necklace will give you a vintage and dainty look.

You cannot go wrong wearing this versatile and creative necklaces. Multi layered necklaces can take your fashion game from 0 to 100 in seconds. Shop any of these pieces now and begin to rock your necklace in style.