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valentines day necklace

Best Valentine's Day Necklaces Under $50

A new year is approaching and so is Valentine’s Day. You might already be thinking of what to give your boo on Valentine’s Day, getting the best possible gift for that special someone can be nerve-wracking and tiring. The trick to gifting your loved one is giving them what they would really appreciate. A gift is something you give to someone to make their lives easier and make them happy. However, figuring out a way to give your boo the best gift is trying to find out what they would love like jewelry, a scarf, bags, etc. But a piece of jewelry seems to be the most cherished of them all. Finding the perfect Valentine’s Day necklace can be an easy task if you know what you are looking for.

Most women love pieces of jewelry and gifting her with a piece of jewelry will make her really happy. Sometimes your significant other might go online in search of designer jewelry, but if you gift them a piece of jewelry that is unique, they will truly appreciate their Valentine’s Day gift. You might be concerned about the price of getting a beautiful necklace for your loved one but, there are lots of lovely necklaces that you can get for about $50 or less, which means you don’t have to break the bank. So before you go ahead and buy another impersonal necklace for your loved ones, take a look at the list we have below and choose the perfect budget-friendly necklace for Valentine’s Day. 

Heart Photo Locket Pendant Silver Tone

Here is a lovely and unique gift you can give to that special someone. A Heart Photo Locket Pendant necklace is quite affordable and one gift that your woman will really appreciate. Women love to be cared for, which means gifting your significant other a heart locket and probably giving her one with your picture placed inside it will make her feel special and loved. And she would most certainly carry it everywhere.

Heart Photo Locket Pendant Silver Tone Blog 1

Interlocking Heart Infinity Pendant Silver Tone

Another great necklace and pendant. This Infinity Pendant will look gorgeous on anyone. Then talking about the pendant, the infinity sign represents forever, so what could be more pleasant than gifting that special someone an Infinity and Heart Pendant necklace on Valentine’s Day, which happens to be lover’s day. Whoever you are giving it to will be blown away and truly love it. With these special Valentine’s Day necklace, be ready to get extraordinary love from your better half.

Heart Hand Necklace Gold Silver Tone

This can be either gold or silver and very classy. The design is unique and that makes it a more perfect gift. Put a smile on your lover’s face by gifting them one of the best Valentine’s Day necklaces which is the heart hand. It is an expression of love as two hands are used to display the symbol of a heart.

I Love My Wife Husband Necklace Pendant

Loving your wife or husband shouldn’t just be said by mouth, but needs to be expressed, and getting your wife or husband this pendant necklace is a perfect way to express your love. Although, love shouldn’t be expressed once a year, but valentine’s day is a special day, and you need to make your partner feel loved on that special day. Giving your wife or husband the “I love my Wife/Husband Pendant necklace” will definitely make them feel so special and it will be appreciated. The best part is that the necklace isn’t just lovely but also very affordable.

I Love My Wife Husband Necklace Pendant Blog

Mother Daughter Love Necklace Silver Tone

Valentine’s Day isn’t about your lover alone, a daughter can also gift a mother a special gift and likewise the mother also. The Mother-Daughter necklace can also be gifted to your mother on Mother’s Day as a symbol of your love and appreciation towards her. It’s no crime if a mother also gifts her daughter with the same necklace. Carrying such pendant around makes you all the more attached to your mother or daughter. Make your mother feel special with this beautiful necklace.

Love Letter Pendant Necklace Gold Tone

This is just the perfect necklace with love boldly crested on it and it is the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. You can also get one for yourself. It hangs perfectly around your neck. It is charming and a perfect Valentine’s Day necklace to purchase.


Valentine’s Day isn’t like every other day. It’s a special day to show special love to that special someone. And the necklaces listed above are very affordable and unique. You can get any of them for less than $50, which means you don’t need to get a loan or use up all of your savings. The best part is, some of those necklaces can be customized and you can put both your photo and boo’s photo on the pendant which makes it one with a huge difference. Hence, your loved one would appreciate her perfect Valentine’s Day necklace gift, and you won’t have to worry about the price.

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