Why Anklets Are Back In Fashion

You might know it as an ankle chain or an ankle bracelet; they all mean the same thing- an ornament designed to be worn around the ankle. Historically, anklets came into being from South Asia over 8000 years ago. Egyptian women and other traditional African women were also a fan of anklets in those old days.

Fast forward to the late 20th century, anklets took over Western culture with a full force. It was a style among people in their early years; both the young men and women. Subsequently, it started fading out of fashion, it wasn’t really something most people thought of adorning anymore.

Anklets can be made with gold, metal, silver, beads, leathers, plastic, and adorned with precious stones. The quality of the anklet determined the person’s status or pocket at that time. Luckily, with the new rave of going back in style, people are starting to return to the allure of anklets.

What To Pair It With

Anklets are very subtle, but when worn well, they are considered to be very hot. So, what do you think you should pair an anklet with?

Festive Attire

It can never go wrong when you pair your anklets with a dress and heels. The shimmer of the ornament or the delicate sound of its jangling will definitely draw attention to the feet and your gorgeous shoes.

Casual Wear

Pairing an anklet with cropped jeans or a short skirt never fails to turn heads. To complete this look, let the anklet be something simple but stylish, e.g. a beaded anklet, or a plain metallic one.


This is one of the most perfect opportunities available to rock an anklet. The best beach anklet should be one with a toe ring attached to it, they present a certain appeal to the eyes when paired with a hot bikini. Layered anklets, simple anklets, and beaded ones can work too. It all depends on your style and what attracts you.

Formal Attire

Anklets are back in style now because celebrities brought them back, and they brought them back while pairing them with formal attires. In your formal get up, spruce up the stuffiness a bit with a touch of rebellion- a simple silver anklet.

Types Of Reigning Anklets

Chain Anklet

Chain anklets can have pendants, toe rings, or beads attached to them. They can also be plain and simple, but one thing is certain; it goes well with your casual getup and the festive attires.

Jeweled Anklets

Sparkling bracelets on the feet are a sight to behold, thanks to the gems attached to them. The stones can be rhinestones, rubies, diamonds, or emeralds. When it is a cocktail party, a fancy event, or a night out at the club, this will set in nicely.

Layered Anklets

Multiple simple anklets attached together keeps you on top of things when paired with crazy jeans or really short skirts.

Beaded Anklets

The beads can come as pearls, plastic beads, cowries, or seashells. They are great for a beach outing or a colorful event.

How Do You Keep To The Trend With Your Anklet?

Wear It Right

You can wear them on either foot, doesn’t matter, but don’t pack them on both feet. Also, they have to be worn over barefoot not a foot clad in socks. When you wear them, make sure they aren’t covered by your pants, because the point would be lost then.

Wear Your Style

It has to be something you feel comfortable with, don’t go for it because everyone else is wearing that particular type of anklet. Go for something that complements your person and your style.

So, yes! Anklets are back and they will be staying for a while because they are beautiful, charming, and just plain sexy. Our anklets will help you customize your look and give you a funky feeling that you will never forget.